Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tip O New England To Ye! ...Maine nature love.

Not every nature experience Noah has can be accompanied by scientific text.  In the busy New England summertime, the flow of beautiful experiences outpaces the ability to document and research every one of them...

This right-brain post is a slew of nature shots from a recent trip up to Windham, ME.  Captions when necessary.  And no worries, we'll have a more story-based post this weekend about blueberry picking, beermaking, and gardening!

- N

A clever creature's freshwater clam midden atop sunken trunk island.

Sun turtles doing what they do best.

"Thank you for zzzzaving me from the water zzzurface!"

mossy dreamscape a 
mossy dreamscape b

mantis are so perfectly beautiful... it's poise.

toxic, pretty nightshade

gusano de incertidumbre

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Feeding, Fungus, Virus?

Tent caterpillars Malacosoma americanum, still young

An easy mystery to solve... which butterfly chrysalis?  ID correctly to claim a MAILED prize!

mossy dreamscape c

...that's all for now.

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