Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shad Season = Dad Season, take 2

Launching the Launch on the Connecticut River, Holyoke, MA, USA
Father hooks up first...
...with sister on the net...

...and she proves a helpful herring hefter!

Sister's turn to fight - "FISH ON!"

This time father does the netting...

...and now it's fish on deck!

Father helps with hooks; a doctor with a patient milky-silver patient.

Shad season is dad season...  we will let this one go.
Your humble author gives thanks...  what a strange son!

Fire up the New England kitchens!

The last duties of a battle-weary gourmand.

SHAD ROE DINNER: An American Tradition

1 comment:

  1. Sister here. What a lovely photo blog. And about such a nice culinary tradition. How sophisticated! The dinner table looks like a restaurant!
    Thanks brother, strange son, you are quite the documentarian!

    This is not Lauren. It's Rena btw.